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Carrier Types

Enclosed trucks are a lot like standard semi-trucks in that they use an enclosed trailer to haul vehicles. This protects vehicles being shipped from standard road conditions such as inclement weather and other hazards. Open carriers leave the vehicles they ship open to the elements, and vehicles on an open carrier are exposed to the same hazards they would be if the vehicles were to be driven on the roads themselves – albeit without wear and tear on the engine or tires. Enclosed carriers allow for more protection for a vehicle that is being shipped, and as such enclosed shipping is generally reserved for vehicles that are high in value or rarity. High-end luxury and sports cars, particularly those that cost upwards of $100,000+, are usually best suited for enclosed auto transportation. Rare and classic cars, particularly show cars, are also included in that.​
The main type of carrier on the road is the open auto transport carrier, which is the most widely seen and is considered to be the standard method of shipping a vehicle. Open carriers can handle most personal vehicles on the road; that is, they can fit most cars, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, as well as cargo and mini vans. Because of their versatility, most auto shipping companies, including the vast majority of independent owner-operators on the road, operate open car shipping trucks. With many being able to hold upwards of ten vehicles at a time, maximizing the amount of money they make on a route with an open transport truck is much easier than with other types of haulers. This generally leads to the lowest prices in the industry.​
​Specialized motorcycle carriers are usually the choice for people who have to transport motorcycle units to a racing venue or an exhibition.  Motorcycle carriers can be utilized for people who are relocating and need to transport their motorcycles along with their cars and house hold goods. When it comes to transporting a motorcycle long distances consider using a motorcycle carrier. Although our truck and aluminum trailer ramps provide a strong and durable platform to safely transport your motorcycle units, our car carrier trucks are not specially designed to transport motorcycles.  Consequently, there are only a couple of spots on our car carrier tractor trailers that we can securely and safely place your motorcycles. Please call and verify that space is available to accommodate your motorcycle transport request.​